A Jump into the unknown:What to consider while changing careers

changing career

changing careerYears of our life, maybe decades for some, are spent preparing, studying, training and learning for a job of our choice. Once we get the job we want, however, the journey doesn’t stop. We realize it has only begun. We realize that the more we delve into our careers, the more complicated things get.

There is no choice in some cases. That is why people end up changing careers. The very reasons for this might be many: it could be anything from a new interest to a sticky situation at work. Whatever it may be, there is a universe of factors one should consider and take into account before changing careers. This is especially important for those with families because not only will this career move affect the employee, it will have a significant impact on his or her family as well.

Here are the factors:

1) Priorities – The first and the foremost factor is this. Does this new job trivialize all your other priorities? Is the new job or the new career path worth taking as huge a risk as this? More than 20% of the employees shifting careers end up in new careers out of frustration and anxiety. This leads to them being boiled in a pit of fire literally because not only are they never going to get their old job back, they realize their new job wasn’t worth the risk. It is always important to consult reputed companies such as Sobha developers careers for advice and suggestions before changing careers.

2) Pay-scale – This is just as important as the first one. Remember that your job is your way of earning your bread and butter. Just because a new interest has sparkled up now or because things at the workplace are bad, there is no need to quit and shift just yet. One should stop and think before taking this grand step. Is the payment being given there better? If yes, how will this benefit you in the long run? What are the requirements for getting this new job? Do you meet them? Is the workload much higher? Is the workload worth the pay? Ask these to yourself and you will know what to do once you get the right answers.

3) Other factors – While the above are top-priority, the following should be taken into account as well. Time duration of the work is important, as more or less time may have different effects on the way you work. Another equally important factor is the amount of perks you are getting. Companies such as Tata Capital careers offer much more benefits than the others. Health benefits and medical insurance (if being offered) should also be considered as well. Long-term effects are also a sensible thing to consider, because this new career choice might not prove as valuable five or ten years down the lane.Remember, a wise man jumping into the darkness is always better than a fool jumping into it.

Good luck with your careers.


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