6 Steps To Success:Motivational Tips from Chetan Bhagat

chetan bhagat motivation tips

chetan bhagat motivation tipsFamous Writer and International level Celebrity Chetan Bhagat is well known for sharing motivation tips. You might have read his books and it is needless to say that he is a great motivator.

Here at MyYouthBrigade.com, we have tried to sum-up his motivational tips for success.

Divide Your Target into Parts & Achieve

According to Chetan Bhagat, If You Have a big Target, First break into small parts, so that it could never frustrate you or let you De-motivated. All you need is a positive energy, a willingness to perform better and better. Hence better to break the main cause of De-motivation.

 There are 6 steps in order to get success in any kind of exam tests of Your Life. Lets understand them properly:

1.Target Your AIM (Decide What is Your Wish): First of all, set your target, what is your wish, what you want to achieve. Ask this question to your soul and give yourself proper time and let yourself decide that what you want to win.

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2. Fix a Date of Completion : After Setting the target, All You Need is to achieve it. Setting the Fix target Make yourself concentrated on the target but if you don’t have a fix timeline, you won’t be able to decide that when you want to achieve it. To achieve the target, it is necessary that you perform your task at perfect time and this can be done by breaking the target into small parts and setting the date of completion for each target.

3. Reason For Selecting the Target: Why you have selected this target? Why not any other? Because you like it only? Find the fire inside yourself. If it is your passion then feel the fire inside. The best way is to ask to yourself that why you have selected this target and if your answer satisfies you then be sure about your Future as well as Success.

4. Choose Your Success team:  Following the best ones is always helpful. Follow them who has done before you and left a trail for you. Choose the inspiring and positive people, and work only with them. Live with positive environment only and if you are individual then just beware of those people who think negatively as they might break your self confidence and you motivation level.

5.Create a Plan of Action: without an strong plan of action, don’t even dare to move on. Because it’s not a 3 hour movie which ends with all good, it’s you life and your whole career, with which you are going to perform your action. Hence a better performer always takes every action calmly and with a full proof plan. If You have to score a goal then first decide it that How you are going to hit the goal in the goalpost.

6. Anything Wrong!!!-Just Take A Break: Obviously if you are in a race, you will do some mistakes, because you are a human not a machine, never get frustrated with your mistakes. Everyone does a mistake but instead of frustrating on yourself and wasting your energy, Just be calm and take a break  because sometimes a heavy work pressure becomes a source of free tension and you have to enjoy your job not your tension.

 Just as Indian Cricket Captain Mahindra Singh Dhoni, when he played first against Bangladesh, he got a Duck (out on Zero) but just after that he Came up with a beautiful century against Pakistan.

It was not the Luck of Dhoni but it was his ability to learn something good from his bad performance and he did and Now he is leaving examples for others.

So there were all six selected tips for success. We have tried out best to present you the core concept of success. If you still want to suggest some tips, please share here by commenting.

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Disclaimer: These tips weren’t originally shared by Chetan Bhagat. MyYouthBrigade team has modified the article for better understanding of its readers.

10 Steps for success: Positive Thinking Tips

10 steps for success

10 steps for successThe power of positive thinking is huge. As they say, faith can move the mountains likewise Positive Thinking can make you tackle mountainous problems. In fact, achievers concede that value of positive mental attitude is priceless.

Some people are positive in their thinking and attitude since childhood, which is due to proper guidance and values instilled in their formative years. However, positive thinking is an art which can be learned and mastered through practice.

Here are 10 steps for success, the steps to acquire positive thinking attitude for success:

1. Learn, read and listen. Make it a daily routine learn to learn of experiences of successful people by reading motivational books, listening to motivational tapes from achievers and going to conferences where positive thinking experts offer lectures. Associate yourself with people who think positively.

2. Be optimistic: Who is an optimist? Well, the answer is simple – who is not a pessimist! Stop welcoming pessimism in your behaviour and thoughts. Never say ‘’I am doomed’!’ Optimism is nothing but a belief that there is still a way out however deep in soup you may find yourself.

3. Be grateful: Always remember that there are people in world who are behind you in the success lane. Be grateful for being in life where ever you are today because they are people who are worse off. There are people who would give anything for that arm, eye or leg they do not have. Celebrate your health and be thankful to God for being able to do whatever you can. Gratitude unlocks beauty, calms, expands the mind and gives joy

4. Take responsibility instead of blame: If you feel you are responsible for your troubles, you will find a way to get out of them. Otherwise, you will get blame for the troubles you are surrounded with. Take control of life’s ship and steer it towards destination.

5. Do not become a captive of negative emotions: Never, ever allow negative thoughts like despair and sadness to engulf you. These emotions take you down. You still have that last ounce of strength to last for another day. Cry, if you must, but in your closet and come out happy and beaming with hope. Treat every experience has a learning, a lesson from life and be thankful being able to learn it because many a person never ever come up for air once difficulties throw them in deep water.

do not quit. 10 steps for success6. Be persistent: Most people do not achieve their goals because they give up mid way. Rest if you must but never quit, till you reach your destination. Believe success is only a step away. And success is always a step away because success is a journey, not a destination.

7. Believe in yourself: Always tell yourself – I can. If anyone can do it, I can do it. Believe that things can be changed and can be changed by you. Trust in God. Trust in God’s creation that is you. You were not created by God to fail.

8. Find faith: When you find yourself in a dark corner with no way out, reach out to God. Find strength in God for faith in God is your last and ultimate source of strength. Be humble and bow to Almighty when you are on a success ride.

9. Be focussed: There are hundreds of good things in life but believe you have chosen the best goal for you. Do not deviate from you line of aim. Plan and stick to it. Do not let others steal away your dream by their sweet talk. Others may reach their goal early but it is their goal not yours. Keep your big picture in sight, always.

10. Include other’s happiness in your joy: It is very lonely at the top. To stay there, you will need help of others. To enjoy being at the top, you will need admiration from others. Include these people in your plan. Take them along while you travel your success path. Find happiness in success of others. This is the most important mantra to become successful and feel happy about being successful. Ask yourself daily – how many people did I make smile today? If you can’t find one, change strategy.

Positive thinking is not only about motivational thoughts and sayings. It is not about telling yourself to put some extra effort, to go for that extra mile. It is about becoming successful together, including you!

We hope that this article on 10 steps for success: Positive Thinking Tips helps you in becoming successful in life.

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10 things you should not say to yourself: Positive Thinking Tips

10 things you should not say to yourselfLife is full of challenges and poses new difficulties every time. In order to be come successful, it is very important to  stay motivated and full of positive energy. What becomes more important in times of adverse situations that we speak to our self in a positive manner, i.e. we should keep negative thoughts away.

Here is a list of 10 things you should not say to yourself, never!

  1. “I don’t have a choice.” – You always have one and it is always different from what you had the last time you were in same situation. Whenever you feen that you don’t have a choice, ask yourself, ‘’Am I a human or machine? Humans are not machines who turn out the same results every time.”
  2.  “Life is easy.” – Life is never easy. Life is designed to bring difficulties to you. Only when you continue to solve problems after problems, you become an achiever. An achiever only gets to enjoy the fruits of life. One who thinks life is easy, never attempts anything difficult and never achieves anything worthwhile.
  3.  “The way it is now is the way it will always be.” – Nothing in life stays unchanged. Good times or bad times, both are bound to give way to other. Things do take time before they change for good. You cannot heal a lifetime of pain overnight. Be patient.
  4. “The sky is falling.” – When difficulties come, they come in bundles. Just like happiness, sadness also has an engulfing effect. But when everything’s falling apart – your relationships, your health, your finances, etc. – it takes a very strong resolve and monumental keep that belief and hold onto it. But, it is worth your life to have faith in you and your abilities. The sky never actually falls. It is us, who fall apart. Hold on.
  5. “Everyone else is doing better than me.” – Do not add to your burden of worries. Comparison a sure way of losing hope and direction. They are always more people behind you than ahead of you. Only, no one likes to look at the people lagging behind.
  6.  “That’s unrealistic.” – Real success always comes from unrealistic aims. Who thought man could fly? Being realistic most times holds you back and turns your thinking in conservative direction. Do take some risks.
  7. “I wish.” – It is worst medicine you could feed your ambition and efforts. ‘I Wish’ is the poison that kills your actions. Wishes never come true,  some of your actions will. Stop wishing.
  8.  “It’s too late.” – Everyone else has already joined the bandwagon of success. Nothing is farther to truth than believing that the train of fortune has already left.  Believing it’s too late is the end of your journey; believing in yourself is an endless destination.  Ignore those who doubt you.  And be sure to give something back before you’re done.
  9. “I can’t.” – No body is going to do it for you whether you can or can’t. Being Successful is like going to toilet. You alone can do it for you. Sometimes life will beat you to the ground, and keep you there if you let it.  It’s about how hard you hit back at the life. That’s what true strength is.
  10. “This situation couldn’t get any worse.” – Nothing is good or bad, as thinking makes it so.  Stay positive, stay in action. Eventually you will find that much of your happiness comes from the process of achievement rather than the achievement itself.

We hope this list of 10 things you should not say to yourself will help you become achiever in life.
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