Aakash 3 Tablet may come with new apps & more features

akaash 3 tablet may come

akaash 3 tablet may come

After a big boom from its previous Tablets Aakash & Aakash 2, the low cost tablet maker company Datawind is planning to launch the third version of Aakash Tablet & that will be named as Aakash 3.

The developers are planning to introduce some more features in Aakash 3. New Apps, SIM Slot feature & other features may be equipped with Aakash 3 without increasing its price within the existing price band.  Also it has been suggested that the new Aakash 3 will be available in two versions, one for schools & the other for colleges.

According to the reports,  About 50 lakh Aakash 3 tablets will be rolled out in next phase in February 2013.  Which shows the excessive demand of Aakash tablet.

“Our ultimate aim is to imbibe the usage of tablets in the education system and create an ecosystem for this,” said Deepak B Phatak, committee member and professor in IIT- Bombay’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

The most recent version, Aakash 2, developed by IIT-Bombay along with C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), was launched by President Pranab Mukherjee in November. Aakash Tablets are very popular because of their low cost & also the govt of India is providing Aakash tablet to all the students at a very low price.

The tablet is available for students at subsidized rate of Rs. 1,130 while the government purchases it at Rs. 2,263.

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Aakash tablet to become cheaper: Kapil Sibbal

Aakash tablet

Aakash tablet

There is good news for students and economically weaker citizens. The tablet ‘’Aakash’’ will be now be available in market at a very cheap and attractive price of Rs. 35 Dollars (Rs. 1900) only. Telecommunications and IT minister Mr Kapil Sibal announced today in New Delhi about reduction in price of Aakash tablet making it further cheap. Currently tablet Aakash is available in market in approximately Rs. 2700.

Mr Sibal said that the new version of Aakash will also have facility for voice call through Skype and internet. It will not be required to install a SIM on the new version of Aakash. Mr Sibal said that it will work just like a tablet whose market price is Rs. 8000.

Mr Sibal informed that the touch screen of Tablet Aakash is imported at Rs. 20-22 Dollars while the manufacturing cost of the same is just about two Dollars. If a manufacturing facility can be installed in India, the price of Aakash will automatically come down to Rs. 1500 only.

Government is planning to install such manufacturing facility in India for production of 50 lakh Aakash tablet.

This is certainly a New Year gift for students as the cheaper tablet Aakash will be affordable for all.

Aakash tablet to become cheaper is a great opportunity for all students to own a tablet


Akash Tablet: Online Booking Open, Book Your Akash

Most awaited Akash tablet by Datawind Company is in market now, you can easily book your akash tablet online without any problem. The datawind company has launched the world?s cheapest laptop at 2999/- INR only and it has boomed the Indian android market, people are mad to buy it despite of the Defects present in the Tablet, all they want to become a Android holder by paying a small amount.

The most Interesting point is that Akash Tablet is available at only 2500/-Rupees for online booking and anyone can book it by paying that amount. Booking is open for akash and the company is coming with its modified version namely Ubislate which will be more powerful, attractive and Modified and its cost will be around 3000 INR.

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if you are wishing to book a tablet for you then hurry up and Book Your Akash directly from the datawind company, you will get the delivery at your home within one week and you have to pay the money at the time of delivery, that means nothing would be charged by you at the time of booking the Tablet.

Akash Tablet For Students at Subsidized cost

A Large Fraction of Akash Android tablet Fans are school and College going students and as per Announcement by Indian govt they are wanting to know that if they can get it or not and if yes then How much they have to pay? Let me clear your issue.

Online booking of Akash tablet is for every one, no matter you are an student or what. but you will have to pay 2500 rupees to Datawind Company.

Now you will be thinking about the announcement of govt and the benifit of being an student. Don?t Worry, if you are an student, you will be given enough discount on the purchase of Akash tablet. Just call datawind and ask for the discount and please keep your school or college identity card with you. They Will Tell you more details about the subsidized tablet.

Toll free number of Datawind: 1800-180-2180

Online Booking for Aakash Tablet and Details

Aakash tablet has been presented as the world?s cheapest tablet at a wonderful cost of 2500 INR from the Datawind company and daily thousand of bookings are being made by people of India and of foreign as well, If you have not booked your tablet then let me tell you that Aakash will not be sold on any shopping malls or hand to hand.

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aakash tablet
It is available for sale on online website of Datawind company and you can easily book there by filling a simple form. The payment will be taken after the delivery of the Table and delivery will be done within 7 days of booking depending upon the availability of the tablet. Let me inform you that Datawind company has only 30,000 Tablet left so hurry up if you are interested in purchasing Aakash.


Akash Tablet Review: You Should read This Before Booking

Akash tablet is having a compact screen with a light weight, With some major defects, it is full of facilities. Here is a look and review:

Battery: 2100mAHz battery is not having a long lasting backup. Battery back up is only 2 hours which is not enough to watch even a whole movie but good for those who don?t have any problem of electricity.

Internet Access: You can access internet on Aakash and it has a nice speed as well. You can browse online pages using Wi-Fi but it does not supports SIM card functions of GPRS. sad but the company is still improving this and coming with Ubislate-7 with more features at the same price

Processing Speed: Arm-366MHz Processor is a bit slow but enough to browse some internet pages, you can watch movies, although it does not supports some formats of video file but there is much more in the cost of 2500. You can not watch a video on you-tube easily because of a low buffering speed and downloading is too slow.

Here is a negative statement of an IIT Student ?Downloading speed is negligible for Akash tablet and even I can not watch a clip on you tube, Akash is not able to show PDF file even and it downloads them in fragments? but what you can expect at the cost of 2500 rupees.

Operating System: Powerful operating system of Android 2.3 supports very well and also a reputed OS as well, but if we talk frankly, it has some defects as the system starts warming up in a few hour running

How to Book Aakash Online ?

Simple ways to book it.

  • Goto http://akashtablet.com and click on the order now button,
  • A form Will appear, Simply Fill the Form by putting your name and address in a proper manner.
  • Check you email inbox, there will be a confirmation about the delivery, You will get the delivery within 7 days and then at the time of delivery you will be charged 2500 Rupees.

Never pay before getting the tablet or you may be trapped, Remember, Payment will be taken at the time of delivery only.

What About the Discount for Students?

If you are an Student, you can get it for government at the cost of 1750 rupees only but you have to purchase it from govt. and to purchase it from government, you will have to be dependent on your college. No doubt, it may take a long time. So better book it online at the cost of 2500 Rupees. But if you are having any identity of college, you can call Datawind company and ask about the discount, it might be possible that you may get Aakash at the discount price of 1750 only.

Datawind Customer care no: 1800-180-2180

What Expert Says about Aakash?

It is like a dream come true for middle class students and poeple who will able to use andoid tablet at an affordable price. Obviously there are many defects but more features are there in just 2500 rupees.

Kapil Sibble Words on the launch of Aakash “Before today Reach people had their own digital world but poors were not able enough to it but aakash will remove the gap between the two”

Also The Company owner Suneet Tuli says “We are wirking hard to provide maximum features at the minimum cost and also to add more features at the same cost” . Thats why the datawind has decided to launched a modified version of Aakash and that will be called Ubislate 7, which is an improved version of aakash and the prebooking is open online for All.

Whatever anyone say, but if you are much excited then i can not stop you to buy akash tablet but if you are having a bit of patience then just wait and pre-book aakash 2 or Ubislate 7, that is more improved and modified at around the same cost. Delivery will be done in the end of January. What you say?