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MyYouthBrigade.com primarily known as MYB along its fans. Started as an information portal for students of Indian continent, is targeting a quality audience of more than 100,000 each month. The website was founded in early 2011 & since then MYB faced many ups & downs.

Amir Nasir : The Founder

Amir NasirAmir Nasir,  A learner cum web entrepreneur is the person behind this blog. Continuously working since 2011.  :

  • 2011 Founded MyYouthBrigade.com
  • 2012 (Jan) started earning 100 USD Daily
  • 2012 (June) Affected by a fraud organisation (Data Stolen)
  • 2012 (July) Founded AmirNasir.in – A personal blog
  • 2012 (July) Founded WebSpecia
  • 2012(September) Founded WebSpecia
  • Working as the Technical Adviser of WebSpecia
  • (22 April 2013) Founded NamasteDehradun.com
  • Founded Pindex.us with Mr. Firdosh Khan (Technical Manager at WebSpecia)

You can find me on Facebook most of the time.


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  1. What happened with CIPL? Your data was stolen..means? Can you please elaborate?

    Howz your earning and blog now. Would be great if you share your journey.

    1. That was a fraud but whatever happens teaches you a lesson.

      My life is much better now with WebSpecia and a great team is working together to change the industry.

      Will surely share my journey publicly on my personal blog, i am just making sure it should be inspiration.

  2. sir your store is incredible. I am from Chennai but currently in dehradoon. i want to meet you as person. please revert me as soon as possible.


    1. Sorry Shruthi for a delayed response. Will surely visit your city to find you someday. 🙂

  3. is CIPL truely benefited or not….plz suggest your opinion

    1. CIPL tough me a lesson, never trust anyone.

  4. i m a big fan of u sir. u r rite sir cipl is a big froud company which only gives only mently pressure they don’t give the practical knowledge…….

    1. yea i think many people are having the same mentality about this company.

  5. Where are you now? I heard that you are in IBM now.

    1. Hello Tushar, I’m in WebSpecia.

  6. ya sir right so believing in u and going to join u

  7. Hello amir, this is shubham. My dream is as same as yours. But i’m a lil bit younger than you 😀 meet me in fb if you can /shubhix . I have good knowledge of programming, codinbg, etc. created my own site too “ensanter dot com”

    1. My best wishes are always with you. The only suggestion which is can give to you is “Always be honest to yourself”.

  8. Earlier I was the part of CIPL . Joined to opt some knowledge about IT, you know web stuff and all . Soon i realized that they were just forcing and promoting the HR part. It was bullshit and nothing else. Now feel really sorry for those who were influenced by there associates.

    I thought they are going to tell us about IT, Blogging , web development and Adsense. They are only doing is making fool of people. Innocent kids risks there studies working on that bullshit.

    I left as soon as i realized. @amir whatever they did was not good. But You are a rising star .


    1. yea everyone joins them for the same but they take the benefit of web illiteracy & ruin the career of rising students by making them a product promotor. You become a salesman there & they force you to realise that you are an entrepreneur.
      My best wishes are always with you, try learning IT stuff, nothing is hard.

      1. It been almost 2 years since I left the company. Now don’t even think about it. Salesman kind thing. I have learn little bit , And now focusing on my studies too. Thanks & Regards

  9. Hello Sir! Can you help me to know which platform(Either Google or WordPress) is better to start blog for earning. I am confused. Sir please help me with valuable guidance.

    1. wordpress is the a nice platform for blogging. you ca try blogger as well. But always begin witha premium domain & host.

  10. Dear,
    Can I get the domain from webspecia with hosting and support for my website “joblink4all.blogspot.in.
    How much i will be paid for this for one year…..subscription…
    Please also suggest, can i use my site to generate the money….

    1. Hello Rajesh, it would be better if you contact webspecia sales dept. you can contact them easily using this page
      https://www.webspecia.com/support.php . Live chat support is also there to serve you in a better way.

  11. hello, amir i want to know how to upgrade my blog tourtrips.blogs.com to -.com

  12. how to do publishity just like your website

  13. sir according to me cipl is first comapany to bring a website revolution in india so a leader like you also get into the world of blogging with the help of cipl only.so whatever platform cipl or webspecia gave to you respect that and today
    no other comapany has launched the type of android development courses like CIPL.So every comapany is good or bad even webspecia too work for its profit only ,otherwise it will not stand up in the market.

    1. Please donot compare us with Network Marketers. WebSpecia is not a team of salesmen dying to their own benefit.

      As far as profit is concerned, the same package is available here at 3490 (half of the price) & we also avail you the option to go without our support viz. you can buy domain & hosting separately from us at a lower price. We donot force our customers neither keep them in dark by saying wrong things.

      We are running because of our services, people’s fare recommendations. can anyone from cipl promote the package to its family member? can anyone tell it honestly to his parents that he works for CIPL?
      Here at Webspecia, Parents advice their children to learn from us. They are calling us, they are reaching us. We are not doing anything neither we have time.
      We haven’t even initiated our promotional campaign yet. It us, who stop the sale of package just to ensure quality of services. They can never take such actions because they are greedy.
      And Amir Nasir is here not because of them. They dint told me to spent nights on reading algo & experiments. They dint advice to come with a company. They made one thing with me & that was a fraud by stealing the database of this website.

  14. Dear
    I have maked a new website & tried my level best to put the unique content. I have started it with .com domain & hosting. Please give your remarks, i am in wright direction or not to get the google ad-sense.
    waiting for your revert…….

  15. hello i need you… sir cipl is fraud sir me apni website apke server par transfer krna chata hu or apki company me kaam krna chata hu please sir give me reply…. 8791135293 this is my number

  16. sir me apni website corporate k server se apke server par transfer krana chata hu… or apki company me kaam krna chata hu please give me reply 8791135293 this is my number

  17. sir how to do work with you

  18. Purchasing a website …
    Sir help me
    Kitna pay karna hoga mujhe ??
    Mujhe bi ek website banana hai or usse logo ko dekhna hai e-world se bi ek normal person earn kar sakta hai plz help me ??
    Tell me your it product rate plz
    My no. is 98-186-786-50
    Mt Name Altaf Hussain

  19. Great to see you sir 🙂

    1. Same here. Great to see myself 😀

  20. How to share mater related you.. who,s store in my computer

    1. Did not get you Ankit. Can you explain please.

  21. Happy To See You Back on MYB 🙂

  22. amir nasir, as you r saying that cipl is froud ? whatever you are today is just bcoz of cipl, in my point of view, no one company is froud, I think, you also made some mistakes, you should proud of them that they people encourage you to be best, and also thanks to man behing cipl mr. diwakar dyani and mr. Rahul walia.. best of luck for your company

  23. Sir can you tell me about the scope of wed developing….
    i have done MCA from Tulas institute Dehradun

  24. I already bookmark this website & visit regularly.sir I am from dehradun and i am beginner so i need some help regarding SEO plz help I have also a website.you can check a MYTEN.IN

    1. You should try the blogging School from webspecia.

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